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Alistair GoudingAristides SilkBergenschultz (disambiguation)
BerhabiaBerhabian DesertBershka
Bill the CookBjorn San JuanBjorn San Juan's relationships
Bjorn San Juan (Australian Animator)BombardierCaptain Brent Macclesfeld
Captain Charles ''Chuck'' T. BakerCarlson Tremendous (disambiguation)Carlson Tremendous Data Core
Carreidas 160CharlotteCheers
Chief AvakukiClara Oswin OswaldDenholme Hardwell
Doctor MurderDr. RidgewellEleventh Doctor
Extreme NetherworldFranklin CopperbottomFrançois Damiens
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Ice Cream Cookie PiesIgnatius BrightonJacques van der Westhuizen
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John Matthew RickshawJohn NightJohn Smith
Journey into the Center of the MazeKyle NewmanLand of the Pharaohs
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List of Carlson Lancaster storiesList of John Smith adventuresList of Matthias Bourbon's Cameo Appearances
List of RevolutionariesLogan's Run (2014 Film)Lucianna Amalfiaggari
Marquis di GorgonzolaMohammed (disambiguation)Mr. Igor Wagner
Mutants Vs. Aliens (Season 1)Not Another Great AdventureOvernight (palabas pantelebisyon)
Philippulus the ProphetPierre Clemens (Australian Actor)Poleepkwa/Gallery
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The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the UnicornThe Broken Ear (Book)The Cyclops
The New Adventures of Tintin: Holdfast SydneyThe NewbieThe Rockers
The Seven Crystal Balls (Book)Tintin (Character)Tintin (Magazine)
Tintin in America (Book)

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