Cheers was a youth-oriented website based in Belgium. It was originally a encyclopedic website. Before Cheers was redesigned, the service allowed users to contact other members. The website has being reused for many years as a youth-oriented networking website since 2014.

History Edit

Cheers was founded by Belgian programmers Jan van Wouterkamp and Heechul Shin in 2008. It was originally started as a encyclopedic website for children.


Jan van Wouterkamp (born February 11, 1984) is a Belgian technology student working in Bershka. He was born and raised in Verviers with his Flemish father Niels van Wouterkamp and French mother Willa Deschaumes. His favorite actor was Roger Moore.

Heechul Shin (born July 4, 1985) is a Belgian mechanical expert working in Rugodia. He was born and raised in Antwerp with his parents Yeesang Shin and Annette de Bruin. His favorite movie was The Goonies.

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